Mill Hours, which was calculated based on throughput, was the primary bottleneck. Mill Hours were calculated based on throughput or each portion of ore based on the ore’s Point Load Index (PLI) hardness, with maximum annual hours available restricted to 8,147 (93% net availability). Overall Mill feed tonnage is restricted to the annual equivalent of the volumetric throughput limit 730tph - 5.95Mt. However, due to the hours being the bottleneck, annual feed varied from circa 5.3Mt up to this 5.95Mt level, depending on the hardness of the annual ore feed. In the ‘Base Case Optimised Plan’ a maximum allowable average cyanide-soluble copper ppm was set as a hard limit in the annual CIL ore feed. This was removed in the ReCYN™ run.

ReCYN™ Case Study – Martabe Operations



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